Credit and debt counseling has become a booming business over the last few decades..
For many people, their most important dream is to own a home...
If you have amassed a rocky credit history and if you are burdened with a low credit score

Disputing and Negotiating Strategies on Credit Cards

If you have amassed some high balances on credit cards this can be having a negative effect on your overall credit score and credit history.  Indeed, many people who have bad credit are in such straits because of the fact that they have high credit card debt.  If you are in such a position, you will want to consider what disputing and negotiating strategies are available to you today when it comes to disputing and negotiating in regard to your credit card debt.

Seeking an Interest Abatement

One step that you can take when it comes to negotiating in regard to your credit cards and balances on them is that of seeking an interest abatement.  In many instances, if a credit card is past due, the interest rate on the credit card likely has become rather high.  You actually can save a good deal of money on interest associated with your credit cards

Many credit card companies are interested in working with their card holders to assist them in bringing their cards into a current state.  The end result of this will be that the credit card company ends up getting your credit card balance paid off and you have the chance to improve a bad credit history and a bad credit score in the process.


Seeking a Lowering of Interest Rates

When it comes to resolving bad credit history and bad credit score problems, dealing with past due credit card accounts can be an important element of the overall process.  In this regard, many credit card companies have special programs for their customers who are having problems in keeping their accounts current.  In this regard, some credit card companies offer consumers the ability to obtain a lowering of their interest rates on their credit cards.  Provided you continue to make scheduled payments in a timely manner in the future, you are able take advantage of the lower interest rates on your credit cards.

Negotiating a Grace Period

Another option that many credit card companies are offering their customers if a grace period during which you do not have to make payments on your credit cards.  This gives you some breathing room to work to come up with a plan that will allow you the ability to get your finances into order.  Through a grace period, you can try to bring a better sense of order to your financial house which will allow you the chance to improve your bad credit history and bad credit score.

Disputing Charges

As an aside, if you feel that there are unauthorized charges on your credit card, it is important that you contact your credit card company immediately.  Provided that you do notify your credit card company of unauthorized charges in a timely manner you will not be held responsible for these charges.