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If you have amassed a rocky credit history and if you are burdened with a low credit score

How to Add Positive Information in Your Credit Report

If you are trying to improve a bad credit report, you may be wondering what steps that you can take in order to actually improve not only a bad credit history but to improve a bad credit score as well.  There are some steps that you can take to add positive information to your credit report.

There are two primary steps that you can take in order to add positive information to your credit report.  These two primary steps are:

  • adding brief statements to your credit report
  • adding positive account histories to your credit report

Each of these basic steps that you can take to add positive information to your credit report in turn in this article.


Brief Statements

If you have a generally bad credit report at this juncture, there is something that you can take when it comes to helping to better position a bad credit report that is haunting you at this point in time.  You can add brief statements to your credit report to explain certain bad credit notations that are included within your credit report at the present time.

In this regard, you can make brief statements following any bad credit entry that is included in your credit report.  For example, let us suppose for a moment that you had taken ill and amassed some medical bills that have gone into default.  These negative accounts will be included in your credit report in many instances.

By making brief statements in your credit report, you can explain the circumstances that existed and resulted in the medical problems and the delinquent medical bill accounts.  Moreover, you can add brief statements that explain how your circumstances have changed since you incurred the debt that is causing you to have a bad credit rating and a bad credit history.  You can use brief statements to provide at least some very basic and very brief information about how and why your are more creditworthy today.

Positive Account Histories

Another, and somewhat more complicated, step that you can take if you have a bad credit report that you would like to improve is to enhance your credit report with positive account histories.  What you really need to do is work to get at least some of your accounts into a current status and keep them current for a period of about six months.  (Of course, you will want to keep them current into the future … but, if you keep them current over the course of about six months, you will begin to see improvement in your overall credit history and credit score.)

You might also want to consider trying to obtain a credit card -- if you do not have one -- that has a very low credit limit.  Use the card each month and pay off the card each month.  This will result in a positive account that will work to better the overall state of your credit history and your credit score.