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If you have amassed a rocky credit history and if you are burdened with a low credit score

Disputing and Negotiating Strategies on Retail Stores

If you have amassed some high balances on credit cards from retail stores, this can be having a negative effect on your overall credit score and credit history.  Indeed, many people who have bad credit are in such straits because of the fact that they have high credit card debt, including high credit card debt on accounts from retail stores.  If you are in such a position, you will want to consider what disputing and negotiating strategies are available to you today when it comes to accounts from retail stores.

The Power is Largely in Your Hands

What you do need to keep in mind is that the number of people who actually use credit cards issued by retail stores is dropping overall.  While some retail stores retain strong customer support from their cardholders -- Sears being the prime example (some experts would say the only example) in this day and age -- most retail stores are witnessing what amounts to a significant decline in the number of consumers who are using their credit cards with regularity.

In fact, many financial planning and debt counseling experts strongly advise people to cut up and never use again retail store credit cards.

With these points in mind, you should stay aware that you have quite a degree of power in your court when it comes to dealing with delinquent retail store credit cards.  In short, retail stores are fighting to keep customers in a position to use these credit cards and will be willing to work with you in many instances when you’ve had problems keeping up with your account payments.


Seeking an Interest Abatement

One step that you can take when it comes to negotiating in regard to your credit cards from retail stores and balances on them is that of seeking an interest abatement from these retailers.  In many instances, if a credit card from a retail store is past due, the interest rate on the credit card likely has become rather high.  You actually can save a good deal of money on interest associated with your credit cards.  In addition, you end up getting hit with sizeable penalties as well.

As mentioned a moment ago, many retail stores are interested in working with their card holders to assist them in bringing their cards into a current state in order to keep the business of these consumers.  The end result of this will be that the retailer ends up getting your credit card balance paid off and keeping your credit card business.  You have the chance to improve a bad credit history and a bad credit score in the process.

Negotiating a Grace Period

Another tactic that you might want to consider when dealing with a credit card from a retail store is negotiating a grace period which will allow you some breathing room between payments.  This will allow you the ability to get your finances in what hopefully will be a bit better order.