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For many people, their most important dream is to own a home...
If you have amassed a rocky credit history and if you are burdened with a low credit score

Payday Loans

Understanding Payday Loans -- Are They Right for You?

Payday Loans. These are very short term loans that are also simply called cash advances. They are secured by a check written for the principal and interest for the particular loan and post-dated to the borrower’s next paycheck or parties arrange for an electronic withdrawal on payday. Although some states have a cap on the amount of interest a company can charge, there is no regulation on providing funds from other states.

Problems with Payday Loans -- Make Sure You Know What You Are Doing

These loans can cause you serious trouble if you don't pay back promptly. Over time your APR can reach hundreds of percent points! These loans are very dangerous—people who use these loans are probably already low on cash, and this will only make it worse.

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